Hi Guys

Kind of an odd one here. I have a level in which I am spawning bots on the blue team (team 1) and I have myself starting on the red ream (team 0). Now what I am looking for is to get a second player, starting next to me on the same team, so its basically us vs. bots. I have placed two team start points for the players, both as enabled, primary and team index as 0. All other spawn points are team 1 and disabled for player starts.

It works fine in single player, but soon as the second player is involved, regardless of if the start point says it should only spawn them on team 0, he is always the oppisite team to me and spawns on team 1.

So yea, hopefully an easy fix, but how do I get the game to say "spawn player 1 and 2 on red at the start? All the bots are working fine and always spawn on the correct team.