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Suggestions on snow from sky in UDK

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    Suggestions on snow from sky in UDK

    I have a small issue when I build snow falling from the sky in UDK.

    What I did was follow this russian tutorial:

    It basically works in that way that you apply the snow textures on planes, and you place the planes so it looks like a chessboard from above.

    And it works very well when I build in a room of the size of 1024 x 1024.

    The problem occurs when I want to build falling snow on a terrain that I'm building. And the terrain is HUUGE. And I have only applied about 120 planes with the snow planes, which is a small part of the whole terrain.

    It looks like this:

    You can see the clearly the edges and something that looks like a star. And it is the snow planes for sure because they arent there when there is no snow.

    Here's another image where you can see the edges and the "star".

    What I'm wondering is that if anyone have any suggestions on alternative ways or solutions to make falling snow, because if I want to make falling snow on the whole terrain I would have to make about 2000 planes which shouldn't be solution.

    Here are some snow and rain tutorials I found earlier today:

    Hope this helps.


      you would try messing with the material a bit to add a little bit more random parts to the snow maybe more panning two snow textures going in different directions?


        What I do is set up trigger volumes where you want snow in your level. When the player set's off the trigger, attach a a Snow Particle System to the player. Super simple and you only need one emitter, not 120 planes, good grief.

        Here's my video, but of course it all depends on what your emitter looks like.

        Here's my kismet:

        I attach the the emitter to the player when in the volume. I move the emitter to the sun (way far away) when player is not in the snow volume.


          Is your snow texture tileable?


            Hey thnx Jcaulton the snow effect looks pretty good :P
            Yeah I have thought about a trigger system as well, but didn't know how to do one. Time has been limited for me I've been all busy with rigging and animation of our characters so snow hasn't been a very big priority. But thnx I'll try that out as soon as I have time!!