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Dragging a dead body?

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    Dragging a dead body?

    I am working on a VCTF map for a college project and am stuck on an issue. My level is basically two trains driving over a dessert and I would like to have it that when a player dies outside of the train and lands on the ground, they will be dragged off to the back.

    In other words, I would like to make it look like when a dead body hits the ground, they move along with the ground in that direction, being behind the trains since they are moving at high speeds.

    I am currently using a Physics Volume and have set the Zone Velocity's X value to 100 (for testing purposes) I will be using two of these actually. One at a lower value to give the effect of Wind when the players are walking across the outside parts, and another on the ground when they die. The one on the ground will be the ones that would 'drag' them away.

    So far the Physics Volume works when the player is Standing, Walking, and Jumping. Though when the player dies, or Fakes its death and becomes a 'rag doll', the Volume no longer affects the player.

    Is there a way to have this Volume affect a dead body/rag doll?

    try changing your "Rigid Body Damping" within your volume properties say 100 or so