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    Okay, so I am trying to setup something like this:

    Notice how the fighters go from the ground-atmosphere-space seemlessly, without loading screens. Is this possible within UDK?
    A few of my ideas:
    • Separate files for both the ground and space, with the atmosphere being the level "connecting" the two files using level streaming (forget the exact term)
    • Seperate files for the ground space and atmosphere, with collision blocks in between too signal when the level streaming should begin/end.

    Should this work? I'm not afraid of coding, so if somebody thinks I could make this work then just tell me how. Sorry for the rudeness, I'm just giving up hope on this

    I don't think there's an effective way you'd achieve this in UDK.


      i think this is totally achievable , any reasoning in particular why it would not be ambershee?
      especially because star wars battlefront 3 uses the unreal engine!

      the method you described i think would be the best way, to separate out the areas into 3 levels and have a Master Persistent Level hold all of them, and to have it deal with the streaming in and out.

      from the Content Browser can add Levels in form the Levels tab , using Level>Add Existing Level. it will give you options of how you would like to stream in and for something like this i think Distance would be a good option.

      then using the builder brush scale it up to encompass the entire area of one of the levels. this will be the Level Streaming Volume , and will control when inside this volume the level will be streamed in, so youll want to give it some extra scale to allow it time to stream in before getting to where is visible. Right clicking on the Volumes button along the left side , select LevelStreamingVolume. then select the volume, goto Content Browser >Level , right click the level and choose Add Streaming Volume. and can later adjust them by right clicking on the level and choosing Select Streaming Volume. additionally from the Perspecitve Viewport there is a Level Streaming Volume Previs button (left to the eye). with that on can see when it will stream in and out using the volumes.

      to help further optimize can even create LOD levels once you have the actual ones layed out. for example , when your in space , the space level is loaded , and a simplified Facade of the atmosphere level is streamed in. when getting closer to the atmosphere it will stream out the LOD version and stream in the actual atmosphere lvl , as well as an LOD of the ground. that way youll still see space / ground in the distance but it would not incur the full performance cost/