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    LOD distance

    Hey everyone.

    Right now I am working on making a virtual world type level, and all my Materials are just grid lines. the problem is as you get farther away they look (not iffy) but just down right horrible. I've tried and tried but I cannot find a way to increase the LOD distance, I know you can do it with Particles and I'm sure you can do it with Materials.

    I really only need to do it with one Material, actually. So rather than dropping FPS by turning up LOD on everything, if someone could tell me how to change just one I would very much appreciate it.


    It's not the material that is the issue. It is the texture mipmaps being streamed in most likely. Open the texture settings (double-click the texture in the Content Browser) and you can try enabling GlobalForceMipLevelsToBeResident and/or perhaps setting the Mip Gen Settings to NoMipmaps. Also, make sure it is in an appropriate LODGroup as those can down-res the texture being used in-game.