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interpactor / light... need a hand:(

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    interpactor / light... need a hand:(

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently breaking my head on something I've been trying to fix all day....

    The map take place outside, 1 directional dominant light only.

    I have this A/C with a rotating propeller, the propeller look like it is self-illumating ( and that's the problem.... )

    Dynamic channel is on.
    I tried adding a second light that affect only dynamic but no luck.
    I tried inside the pre-made UDK map and don't work either...

    Anyone with a suggestion I will be very thankful


    EDIT: I forgot to say, If Light need to be rebuilt, is actually displaying nicely...which is pretty funny if you ask me.

    Finally found what caused this.

    1 - Uncheck Boolean lighting
    2 - In UDKEngine.ini, ShadowFadeResolution and all other shadowfade property are now set to 0.

    Hope will help someone since I spend an entire night fixing this.