Hi to everyone, I'm working on my thesis project using August 2010 UDK release,
I want to recreate this:
look (0:43-1:12)

Is a very nice menu, when he click the "options" button , the camera rotate and show the "option" interfase
I really don't know if he is using Scaleform. But I decided to do the same using Transluscent UIButtons. Is almost impossible to me to change to a later UDK release

Here is my version:

The picture was taked in real time. The vision is from a camera not from the player, the first problem is the camera to stay stable it need a loop matinee, because when matinee is finished, the camera switch to the player vision, I dont want that. I want the camera in that position until the user click on the button.

The button has another Matinee inside Onclick event, but It never execute, I suspect because the loop matinee before mentioned have permenently the possesion of the camera.

Exist a way to say to a camera or matinee do not switch to player vision when a camera animation is completed?

Thanks for help