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triggering my fractured mesh

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    triggering my fractured mesh

    Hey all this is my first post but I got an assignment to create something interactive.

    Well I want to trigger my fractured mesh to fall or break.

    So I have created my mesh I have fractured it, it looks ok when i shoot it but i just can't work out how to work kismet to trigger the fracture to fall.

    I have made a trigger_volume, I tryied setting the modify health but it wouldn't work.

    Any tips or ideas?

    A quick step-by-step on the kismet would be wonderful

    There is an example of this in the ExampleMap that comes with UDK. They are triggering a radial impulse actor that actually does the breaking of your mesh.


      Ah thank you so much! I did read earlier about using a radialimpulse actor but i couldn't find it anywhere. I still can't i simply copyied the actor from the example map:P

      Could anyone enlighten me on how to find it within UDK?