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PP chain is not working Package and play in PC ?

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    PP chain is not working Package and play in PC ?

    [Editor View ↓]

    [Play in PC View ↓]

    my PP chain and ExponentialGeightFog is not working.

    first Pic, it is working in Editor View

    but second Pic it isnt!!

    that link post are not working too

    anyone have idea?

    That looks EXACTLY like the problems I have with a few UT2004 maps. There is a distance fog, but it only seems to affect objects, not the "air".

    Im having a problem like this in UDK, but its a little different. Its to do with the DOF only working correctly in "run on PC" mode. I think when you run the game in the editor, it uses a completely different configuration to when you "run on PC" (where it loads like a game), and it doesn't pay attention to ANYTHING you set in the post-processing volume.

    Why it does this, I dont know. It just makes things inconvenient, because if you want to see things properly, you have to do the whole "game loading up and splash screen" **** which takes about 3 mins, instead of just quickly pressing test in editor, which takes about 3 seconds.


      Solved problem!!

      open *(this mean all)engine.ini files

      and then find and add following text

      DefaultPostProcessName=Your Packages Name. Your PPchain Name

      so simple answer but hard to search

      may be helpfull to have same problem