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Player Camera angle switch WITHOUT cutting

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    Player Camera angle switch WITHOUT cutting

    Hiya. I'm working on a sidescroller/3rd person camera system that I want to move dynamically to a new position as the player passes into the area where each camera angle is to be used. I want to use the same camera throughout the level mainly for cinematic reasons but It will also allow the player to adapt as the camera switches angles without throwing off your aim or movement direction.

    Here is the hospital scene from The movie "Hard Boiled" which is pretty much what I mean.
    Its towards the end of the movie so spoiler alert but its nothing too plot important, just a shootout with random bad guys.

    So its an on rails shooter type of camera but the player has freedom of movement. I'm not quite sure how to set it up? Do I use Matinee? if so does anyone know how? if done right it would be very intense because of its relentlessness, just like the scene above.

    I intend to use level streaming to keep it going for the entire game without cutting once.

    I also want the reticule to be able to move anywhere within the shot to allow the player freedom to aim without the camera moving. is this possible?

    I know what you mean. Games like Devil May Cry, God of War & FF10 use this kind of camera system. PoP Forgotten Sands and Heavy Rain (the game that transcends all convention) use a similar method too, where, the camera follows a pre-defined path, but the movement of the camera is dependent on the movement of the player (if that makes sense).

    I guess matinee could be used to define a movement path for the camera, but then you'd need something to tell the camera how to behave. EG, you wouldn't want the camera to just go about its path, completely ignoring the actions of the player.


      that's what i'm going for.

      i'll need it to be able to move back where ever the player wants to go of course. I've been trying to get one camera to move seamlessly into another using kismet and matinee for hours but my pc just crashed so i'll have to start again... the save file got corrupted...

      I've noticed udk has really been screwing around lately. i've had some big problems with the terrain editor and the windows...