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COD Zombie stlye barrier to take damage and allow pawn to pass.

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  • COD Zombie stlye barrier to take damage and allow pawn to pass.

    Hi guys, I have been getting into the buzz3D tutorials regarding kismet and in particular setting up a similar barrier system they us on the door with a view to making a cod zombie style shooter using udk.

    I wonder.if someone could put me on the right path to achieving.this as I have found the tutorials to only be loosely related and quite dated in this area.

    At this stage I am having problems getting my fractured SM to take damage on pawn collision, and my second attempt was to.use interp actor barriers to block and disappear on damage triggered by collision but not luck getting the set up right.


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    Well, this might be kinda not cool but...
    What if you created a pawn class for which the mesh was your wood mesh and you just spawned them on the windows, and when they died you would "kill" each piece at a time?
    For the collision part, I would just attach a collision volume to each pawn.
    Maybe it's not the best approach, but I think it's quite easy this way.



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      Thanks, I,thought about that, but its only the spawned zombie that I want to break in, not the,player.

      I was kinda hoping to keep this interaction elegantly contained in kismet if possible.