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Surface Properties.. what is this?

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    Surface Properties.. what is this?

    Hi im really hoping someone can help me on this matter.

    I have built my own map inside UDK which appeared to be working fine when I ran it. Now I have something which runs across my level on the ground, when I right click it it allows me to view 'Surface properties'

    I do not know what this is or how I built it but it covers most of the terrain in my map now.
    When I select it and hit delete it does not allow me.

    Be great if someone could educate me on what this is as I have not come across it so far in my project and would really like to get rid of it as it was running fine before.

    Many thanks LKing1221

    Sounds like you dropped in some BSP by accident. Enter brush wireframe mode to find the notorious volume. Once deleted, you must rebuild geometry before you will see it disappear.


      Hey thanks for your help, I believe that is the problem, I must of added something accidently.

      Once I go into Brush wireframe I cannot see anything.. it does appear in wireframe mode however, but the problem is I cannot delete it!!

      I think this is to do with it is a surface property just do not know why I cannot

      Any ideas?
      Thanks again for your previous response



        Basically, I had multiple surfaces, I was able to subtract the ones that were causing problems in my level.

        The last surface froze UDK everytime I tried to subtract it. I don't know why it done this but I am happy with just leaving it there as it cannot be seen when playing the game.

        Thanks for your help Sean!


          An image says more than a thousand words. Screenshot please
          It's easier to help that way.