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UDK Terrain error, crazy pattern issue

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    UDK Terrain error, crazy pattern issue

    Hello everyone,

    Anyone know what causes this in UDK? (I use April 2011 Version)
    I have a terrain with 8 terrain material setups, and when I try to add an other one it cause some errors...I can't describe this here's the screen-shots :

    Before adding Layer N°9 :

    After adding Layer N°9 :

    Now after using an existing layer (after adding layer 9)

    Thank you.

    This is due to the shader model limiting the number of textures that can be used. Terrain I believe has a limit of 12, and Landscape has a limit of 16. I think those are the numbers. Add up your texture sample nodes in your materials, if they go beyond that number, you will get the rainbow of death...


      Hi Havoc89 thx for replay, I like the "rainbow of death"
      anyway for terrain materials I use just 2 texture samples here's the screen-shot :

      So with 8 Layers I use 16 texture samples so that's the number of textures that can be used in Terrain?

      Please an other question, when I split the terrain and replace some layers which I don't use with a new ones I discover that there's no rainbow, Is that a solution this problem?

      Thank you.


        Normally, the texture sample "space" for any Material is maxed @ 16.

        With the Terrain Layer + Terrain Material system UDK actually stores one (or more) RGBA image files behind the scenes in order to keep track of where you paint Terrain Layers. This eats into the texture sample overhead. It also reserves 3 Samplers for standard lightmaps.

        You have one Sampler taken for each Terrain Material. Now, for every 4 layers on the terrain (including the base heightfield, I think), you have another RGBA image taking up a Texture Sample slot. So if you have 1-3 material layers, you can use 11-9 texture samples in those layers. If you have 4-7 material layers, you can use 10-8 texture samples amongst them, and so on.

        [UDN]TerrainAdvancedTextures.html#Material Complexity: Exceeding the Texture Samplers or Too Many Instructions[/UDN]


          Thank you Joshua for your help,

          I know this article but I haven't read this section before, anyway I haven't understand much :/ and I figured out that I need to simplify my terrain using a few terrain materials. (oh god It's a 2.4 Km)