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[Help] Train Door in Udk

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    [Help] Train Door in Udk

    Hi everyone,

    Can someone tell me how to make a train become enter-able at a given time? I want to make the train door open then remove the collusion object so the player can enter the train and would like to re-add the collusion object again so the player will remain in the train when it's moving.

    can someone tell me how to play my door animation as well? The UDN doesn't says anything about playing a custom animation on a pawn.

    Any help will be great!

    Thanks for reading

    It's actually pretty well covered. In fact, there's a elevator in the ExampleMap included that achieves this effects.

    What you need to do is build proper interior and exterior collision for this train. Separate the doors you wish to be active as a different mesh, and give them proper collisions as well. Place the train, be sure you can navigate it properly. Place the door and give it a matinee opening/closing. Finally, attach the doors to the train so that it can move and the doors will move with it.


      Thank you!!! I will try to find the document again. Max power does udn cover how to play a custom animation as well? If you happens to know a link please let me know.

      Thanks heaps.


        Common InterpActor Properties

        under construction


        coming soon


        coming soon

        : ( The lift part doesn't help me at all because it doesn;t have door or anything.

        Well is it possible to animate the collusion as well? I can make it move in 3d max as the door open. If that's possible then there shouldn't be any problem but I still don't understand how to play the animation in UDK! I've been asking how to play an animation in udk for quite a long time but hasn't got a reply about it yet. Any idea?


          CodeHei, there's an option in UDK called Matinee, which is precisely for these purposes, animation

          Youtube has ample videos on it. This, for example:

          hope it helps you. And its pretty easy



            and as for enterable train. Either you have to work with 2 different collision models, like Max Power said..OR in Mesh Editor in UDK, first choose a basic Collision within the editor, then in the mesh's properties itself UNCHECK "Use Simple Box Collision" & "Use Simple Line Collision" and keep Only "Use Simple Rigid Body Collision" Checked.

            This collision method has worked for me till now, I've made a few simple cottages, Stone Henges and such which are enterable and give a good level of Collision too