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how do I get my UI scene to stay on screen and let me continue playing?

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    how do I get my UI scene to stay on screen and let me continue playing?

    I've created a simple UI scene to keep track of my pick up items. Basically every time I pick up an apple it's supposed to show a little icon on my screen using a ui scene. Then when I pick up the 2nd apple it shows the 2nd ui scene with 2 apples and so on and so on.

    I'm able to go to the first apple and pick it up. but what happens is the screen gets stuck with UI scene of the apple displayed until I hit the esc key and only then I'm able to resume playing again. Also when I hit esc the apple UI scene disappears.

    So my question is how do I set up the UI scenes so they remain on screen and be able to continue playing?

    I'm following the udk top down tutorial but it does not actually tell you how to create any of the UI scenes for it.

    I know how to create UI scenes I've already done the simple udk UI scene tutorial. But that one involved hitting a button on the Ui scene to resume playing.

    I've uploaded an example file of what I'm trying to create here so you can see exactly what problem I'm running into:

    it was created in the August 2010 version of UDK.

    Basically the blue box will damage you and the red spheres heal you. The healing part works fine. What you'll see as I mentioned above is that as soon as you pick up any of the red spheres the UI_apple scene does appear on the screen but everything freezes.

    I tried opening this file in the more recent UDK releases but I notice the UI scene just disappears completely?!

    Unfortunately I started this project in the August release and I'd like to finish it in this version. So I really need to get this working somehow.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.