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Special Effect - Decontamination Chamber

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    Special Effect - Decontamination Chamber

    Hey guys,

    I'm doing an FX project in UDK at the moment which can be viewed here

    I was wondering if anyone knew how to do an effect by where a plane or volume is animated through a room and anything within the plane will have a pulsing effect on it... Similar to Mass Effects Decontamination chamber on the Normandy or at the beginning of batman Arkham Asylum..

    Skip to 3.26

    Hopefully someone may have some ideas on how this could be done!! many thanks!

    That's DepthBiasedAlpha at work, and is pretty easy to setup

    Here's an example

    Start with a nice constant color and opacity you like for the beam itself.

    The bright outline around everything can be whatever wacky effect you like, but for this example I used another, brighter constant.

    Lerp these two together with a DepthBiasedAlpha as the Alpha. This makes a transition between the two based on what it's touching. This is also extremely useful for blended the alpha into nothing to get rid of hard edges on steam or rain particles.

    Then duplicated that setup for the Opacity. The reason I used the DepthBiased again here is because I wanted the white outline to be FULL opacity while the effect itself was less opaque.

    Apply that to a plane or whatever you desire and move it around however you like. Tinker with those settings until you've got what you like, this is more a skeleton of the overall effect.


      aw thank you soo much =) Can't wait to implement this now!!

      Thanks again!


        Got it! thanks again mate