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Need help with Rain and snow evironmental effects

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    Need help with Rain and snow evironmental effects

    Hi guys
    i need some help making some decent rain effects, like whats the best way to make effects like snow and rain. to make it look the most realistic,

    regards Sage, im needing any and all help guys.

    happy gaming,

    there are ways that i know of that will help you do it.

    1. you can attach a rain plane in front of a player and it will look like its raining (though it kind of looks ugly imo, but saves ton of memory)
    2. the most common way people do it is by making planes everywhere and attaching a material to it and just have it pan that texture simulating rain

    heres what i found just by looking it up on youtube

    theres lots more, but if you need anyhelp just post it on here!