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Clear Emissive Material help?

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    Clear Emissive Material help?

    For the past week, I have been working on a translucent material that has a green glow to it, and also casts light on other objects around it. I do not think an actual material can produce light. Or am I wrong.

    Basically, this material will be used to create deep sea crystals patches you will be able to see glowing from a distance. It will also be a light source in the game. I am using a Material, but do you think it would be better to use the MaterialInstanceConstance for this? I am rather new at UDK, and the Game development industry. So any help would be appreciated.

    Horrences tutorials, 3dbuzz tutorials, and the UDK Docs helped me out some, but I feel like I am missing something. Or, am I looking in the wrong place?