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Frontend does not include custom package

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    Frontend does not include custom package

    I'm making a custom level for thesis work, and have created a bunch of custom sound cues of the original sound waves inkluded in UDK. I've (obviously) saved these in a new package. However, when I try to compile, bake and package the game with Frontend, it does not seem to include this custom package, since no sounds are playing when I test out the level. But when the package isn't in the 'sounds' folder in UDK, Frontend pops up with an error.
    So it checks that my package is there, but does not include it??

    Also, Frontend seems to re-include older versions of the level when I try to package it, even though I've deselected them from the level inclusion menu.

    Any suggestions would be extremely helpful, as I am already overdue with the project test phase.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "Fontend". If it has to do with launching the game from outside Unreal, I haven't used it yet so I can't offer any advice.

    However, I can tell you that UDK doesn't save packages if the contents aren't used anywhere. So I suggest making a test map and dropping those sound assets in there, saving the map somewhere (it shouldn't matter) and saving your package.

    That should, hopefully, do it.

    I also heard that external packages do get saved, even if not all the assets in there are used. However, I'm not quite sure how to save a package as external.




      Crimson, his packages are saved. The UnrealFrontend is the application used to launch the game / editor and deal with things like content cooking, which is where Umbra seems to be running into trouble.


        I seem to have solved the package inclusion problem by dropping the package in every content subfolder, and then suffering through the error messages when cooking due to the duplicate files.
        However, I'm still struggling with the weird problems regarding Frontend including old levels in the cook (and possibly overwriting new scriptfiles with old, though I'm not sure on that one...).

        Do I need to delete something somewhere before I recook?


          Problem with Frontend

          hello, I am allowed to send this message because I am desperate to find an answer to my problem.

          I am new on this forum and I am new user of UDK.
          Please, please, please, I have sought for one week an answer to my problem to export with Unreal Frontend. I installed software UDK and I started to learn his use, I started by following the tutoriels present on the official site of Epic Games (However I am null in English). These tutoriels with those of DevilShark of used to me to make my first map. Unfortunately, I did not find a tutoriel on the use of Unreal Frontend (Version 2011-04), which explains the procedure to follow very well to be able to carry out the export of my map.
          I will be more explicit on my request: at the moment that I execut Unreal Frontend and I follow the procedure, in the stage “Pakage Game” when I click on the button Pakage Game, there am a small window which opens with a message “Define the fields GameName and GameLongName with valid chains". Can some one explain me all the step to be followed to use Unreal Frontend correctly: of the stage of the configuration of the files to the stage of the export of the source files and achievable of my map I thank you for advance.
          Configuration of my PC: CPU: i7
          RAM: 6Go
          HDD: 1T
          Graph: Nvidia Geforce GTX460
          Nvidia 3D vision
          OS: Win 7 64
          . Net 3.5 and. Net4.0
          UDK 2011-04
          thank you very much to have taken time to read me.