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sunlight through window problem

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    sunlight through window problem

    Hi All...

    I'm experimenting with lighting and colors.
    I've made a room without any lights with one window and blinds.

    The idea is to let sunlight shine through and reflect a yellow color on the walls (simulate sunlight).

    I've put a light source just outside the window (1)

    When i put the light and it previews the light effect it looks just the way i want it... (2)

    However... When I rebuild the light it dims the light and the intensity goes down a lot... (3).

    Does any one of you have an idea how i can get the effect as shown in picture #2 ?

    Thanks ppl


    increase ligtmap resolution on your room surfaces. If its BSP, lower it to 1, if its a staticmesh, up it to something like 1024 or so.


      Also--it looks like the blinds are blocking a lot of the light


        Thanks for your quick reply. I've tried it right away...
        I tried putting the lightmap resolution to 1, coz i'm using BSP.
        Lightmass doesn't seem to finish so i tried to put it to 2... the effect what i get then is a little bit strange... it gives me some huge pixel shaped reflections (ceiling) where there should be just a bright sunshine reflection...

        i tried some different settings, but nothing shows me something near the effect of #2

        Any other ideas?



          I'm pretty sure this has to do with build quality. I had a pretty dark map, and I had tons of those splotches everywhere, then I set my build quality to medium(just to test to see if that was the problem) and a lot of them went away, so I'm assuming that at production quality they will all be gone.
          All though my map was darker then that and the splotches weren't that extreme.



            Thanks for your reaction.

            I'm quite sure there's enough light coming through the blinds (see pic #2 in building mode).

            I managed to get some improvement, but not quite what i wanted.

            how can i improve my build quality to get rid of the pixel shaped shadow on my walls and ceiling? See here...

            Thanks so much guys!!


              Seems like you could either add a lighter tone to the ambient color or increase your indirect bounces, probably both. -- in world properties, of course.


                Hi Guys,

                Another update... after some tweaking i get the following result...

                I guess this is the max i can get...


                  Try a dominant directional light instead of an omni.


                    sorry m8... i'm new to those terms...
                    I'd like to try ur tip, but i cannot find it..
                    Is that part of the pointlight properties? Coz i couldn't see them there...