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reflectActor problem

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    You can try limiting how far the reflection will render under ReflectActor (Max View Distance Override), that should solve the problem.

    I tried recreating the setup and it looks that even setting up view distance won't help. It seems that having two actor planes intersecting each other causes weird behavior of the reflect actor.
    You could try using a reflection for the mirrors and using a darker texture for the floor with ImageReflectionShadowPlane. When you have a dark texture on the floor, the reflections will look similar to shadows, so that might be somewhat acceptable workaround.

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    reflectActor problem

    Hi, I am trying to get my mirrors (sceneCaptureReflectActors) to reflect the room, but because i have a reflect material on the floor, for some reason the mirrors are showing a different reflection outside of the room. You can see the space skydome on the floor in the mirror. Any ideas would be much appreciated.