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How to gain access to all weapons, vehicles etc.

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    How to gain access to all weapons, vehicles etc.

    Hi, I know in later releases of the UDK editor when you choose a weapon in the weapon factory, there are only the 3 available (Link Gun, Shock Rifle, Rocket Launcher)

    I was wondering how to be to use all the assets found in Unreal Tournament 3 in the editor as when I looked through the directory in UDK they do list to have all the weapons and vehicles however, you cannot acess them once in the editor.

    If anyone knows of how to make these available I would be very grateful as just having the three weapons in the game at the moment does not give it much variety.

    Thanks for your time in reading


    does not seem possible does it? looked through other forums and not able to


      You have to buy and install Ut3

      Are you allowed use UT3 resources for your own games btw?
      For Ut3 mods Ofc. But for Indie development?


        You can use the UT content included with UDK except for skeletal meshes. That means no weapons since they use skeletal meshes. You can use the code for the weapons, though. You cannot use other UT3 content that is not included with UDK, nor can you use any content from any other game or infringe on any IP whatsoever.