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Level design project Danny Winter - WIP

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    Level design project Danny Winter - WIP


    I thought i show every one here the project i am working on for college.
    I'm making a map inspired by Mont-Saint-Michel, a real island in France.

    I'm currently working on a small part of the map to set a feeling for the rest of the map.

    Feel free to give me feedback.
    I only just started to get into the whole modeling thing, i made a few models a while ago but now i had to make allot more so I'm still learning to get better.
    Also i'm learning how to get the best out of udk with lighting and post procces.
    Not done propperly in this map yet!


    Really cool.. Blends together very nicely


      Feels a little like the latest Castlevania game.

      You may wanna lower the spec a bit and play around with spec power. In the last image you can clearly see that it looks very round and plastic. Maybe looks ok if you are going for a wet look.

      May also want to add some emissive to the lanterns to give it some contrast.

      Uhm... I would also decide for a center piece that everything revolves around. Right now I'm not entirely sure what I should look at. The first thing I looked at was the building in the front center but it was highly uninteresting.

      Do you have any references to show?


        Yeah thanks phobossion!

        I know about the spec being a bit high and shiny, my first though was to make the map in night time with bad weather, but i will fiddle around with the specular power.

        And about the center piece, i have a whole block out map of the actual town, i recreated it using sources such as google maps and other floor plans i found.
        As for now i only work on a small part of the map, I'ts going to be a team deatmatch and It has already been tested.

        The part you play in and i'ts the only part u can be at, is the town around the massive church u see up top.
        If thats what u meen with center piece?

        I hope i have answered your questions and thanks for the feedback!

        Remember, i'ts inspired by the island, not a perfect remake!
        And this is the island, I made a line on the part i'm working on at the moment!


          I changed it a little bit, been working on specular maps and normal map a bit more.

          I added Emissive to the lamposts and i had to change the uv layout due texture that is to big for the emisive (Calculating times).
          So i gave my lantern his own small texture now.

          I also tweaked the Specular power a bit more and created new specular maps inside the material editor.

          Feel free to give me some more feedback!


            Looks great, how long have you been working on it for?

            A quick note regarding the emissive picture, the color of the lights seems to be too white and there's no such thing as a white light . Try for a yellow/orange color since the type of lamp you’re using usually emits an orange tint to its light

            Also the lamps appear to illuminate the area to much, try pulling the radius of the lights down a bit and see how that looks.

            Hope this helps


              Thanks for the feedback Team13.

              I will look into the emissive light and fiddle around with the settings to get a better result.

              And i think i have been working on it for 12 weeks now, That includes:
              Block out map
              Test and change the block out
              Test maps

              Note that i also had to watch tutorials for modeling, texturing, post procces, material editor and go on.

              All the weeks i used to get to this are used really well and i learned allot about the engine, Before i started this i knew basic things and didn't put my hands on modeling and texturing and so on.

              Great project to help myself up to a higher level and understanding more of UDK and other things, but theres allot more to learn so I just go on to get better and better.

              Edit: I tried to turn off the ammount of glow on the emissive, but i don't know how to do this.
              Also in the picture of the lamp u showed me, u can see a sort of gradient look, on my emissive u can see just 1 bright color going over it, Is there a way to make the texture underneith the glow more visible, so sort of having the glow a bit transperant.



                First off, good work!

                Take this with a grain of salt as I'm pretty new myself.

                To turn down the glow on the emissive, assuming you're talking about "use emissive for static lighting" is under the lightmass properties in the glowing material. Change the emissive boost to something below 1 i.e 0.3 or something.

                To get a glowing gradient, I think it might work if you made a gradient texture (radial gradient if you want it brighter in the middle and fading towards the edges), and multiplying that with your Emissive part of the material. The texture should be fine going from white to some shade of gray, depending on how much you want the light to dim.

                Also, if it's too bright, turn down the values in your colour vector to something like 5,2 and 0.25, or even lower.