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Best texture size in pixels to fit in each 32 unit [Beginner question]

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    Best texture size in pixels to fit in each 32 unit [Beginner question]


    I'm about to start creating textures for a project and would love to know what would be the ideal textures size that I should work on.

    In other words what is the best size in pixels to fit in 32 grid units in UDK.

    Thank you.

    Depend on the location of the camera and gameplay. Default units are 1 for 1.


      Always work at least 2 or 4 times larger than they should be in game. You can always sample down, where as it is more difficult to sample up.


        Can't believe it! Solid Snake just spoke to me!!

        I want to work with a high resolution but I also want to devide my textures and give each part enough space for the content it's holding... So I need to know if the space on each part is enough for it on that resolution etc...

        I'm using a grid line every 32 units (udk units) and that goes for UDK, Maya as well as for photoshop.
        Maya and UDK are well setup everything is good. When it comes to photoshop, I don't know how much pixels should I use for every 32 units (UDK units).
        The environment I'm working on requiers detail on the walls and floors like it is shown on the pictures bellow :

        So how much pixels should I put in the textures for every 32 udk units to have enough detail on the walls.

        Thank you very much


          At least 64 pixels per 32 Unreal units would be my suggestion (for normal first person gameplay conditions). For tileable textures you can create some smaller size "modular" textures for repeating visuals (such as the floor tiles on the first image). As Solid Snake said, you can always downsize a little if needed, but going back up needs double the work (most probably recreating the entire texture again).

          Creating normal maps double the size of your diffuse color map can also help in keeping the details good enough when lighting comes into play.

          Also you should choose the proper compression and import settings when transferring your textures into UDK to avoid loosing details you've created in an image editor.

          Remember to weigh the need for texture detail depending on the situation: will the player look around that much in intense fights or will they be able to stroll around carelessly and observe the scenery? How much of the surface will be in a dark shadow or will it be lit with direct sunlight? And so on.

          If this is for architectural visualization (renders and videos, or similar) then the performance and disk space isn't most likely that much of a problem and you could go for the maximum pixel size for the textures. :P

          Try using the [shot ][/shot ] -tags on large images in forum posts. It creates a linked thumbnail for you automatically.