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APEX meshes take damage on impact

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    APEX meshes take damage on impact

    Hi everyone,

    I am hoping that someone out there will be able to help me. I am trying to get my APEX meshes take damage from each other on impact, for example when a APEX piece of masonry make contact with another it deals damage. I have looked into the impulse damage setting within each mesh but this appears to have no effect within when played. I want to make it so that when something collapses into another it causes damage to the connecting mesh based on weight or mass etc.

    I am hoping someone has had a play with this and got it working. Any help would be great.

    Happy fracturing, the settings here will also work for your objective i.e. for vehicle collisions, as well as getting a collapsing fracturable mesh to damage another:

    I haven't played with it enough to be sure about the more detailed effects of mass, momentum etc... as applied to chunks from one mesh crashing into another.


      As mr. Whitenorthstar mentioned, to enable impact damage you neet to check "IMPACT DAMAGE" flag on desired depth settings, then make "Force To Damage" non-zero (0.1-0.5).
      I recommend to set "Impact Velocity Treshold" too ~100-300, cause otherwise your whole destructible can be broken by a chain reaction from single chunk.
      Also, there is "Material Strengh" parameter - it will be helpfull if you wan't to make one destructible asset stronger than another.

      I also found out the impact damage is not working properly when APEX object are colliding against static geometry.


        Ah thanks guys, managed to get it working now. Just need to set it up so it looks more realistic thanks for taking the time to post up!

        Have either of you guys got any idea how you can set up dependancies between the assets so that they support each other im plagued with floating meshes atm if they have not taken damage they simply float mid air. The create extended structure flag seems to crash my editor atm, I posted this up in the support section already. Have either of you got any ideas on how you can make sections support each other without this flag? for example if I have a pillar constructed out of five meshes when you destroy the base the meshes above collapse?

        thanks again, any furthur help will be awesome


          Also if there is any way to extend thi effect furthur to cause a ceiling collapse this would be very very cool.

          Thanks again.


            Ur welcome... your fracturable pillars and ceiling may be a special case, but the issue may be setting World Support to the correct level.

            May I humbly suggest double-checking to make sure that you are setting 'Support' correctly in Apex Lab (it's a tiny bit tricky)...

            As for me, I always use the highest/deepest depth setting (in the Lab and in UDK). In UDK preferences, set the following:

            Destructable Parameters > Support Depth > highest value available (usually 1, 2 or 3)
            Flags > World Support* > ticked on

            The above settings give me the desired effect, but this is with my destructable standing on a flat static mesh: your situation may be a bit different.

            Anyway, do let us know how you get on, and how you solve it.

            *So far, I haven't had much success with the Asset Defined Support setting in UDK, but I haven't played with it much. Theoretically, it seem possible to select individual chunks in the lab... this might also solve your problem, in a hacky way, if you combine it with choosing as support chunks in the Lab, the individual chunks which meet your pillars.


              Cheers for the quick reply WhiteNorthStar,

              I have followed those tuts they are pretty cool, I have support chunks setup on the bottom of the meshes, the support depth set to 1 as there is only 1 level of fracture baked into them and the World support flag is checked. The meshes are placed on a terrain at the moment. The only way i have managed to get more meshes to take damage similar to larger structure is to increase the radius of damage in the wepoans damage map. The problem is that the meshes dont appear to support each other, shooting out the base of a pillar leaves the higher pieces undistrubed. I really dont know how to get the meshes setup so that they are dependant on each other and once key areas are damaged the structure starts to collapse.

              I had a look into using kismet to try and apply damage to pieces higher up the building to activate them but can quite get my head around how to do this.

              I will post some videos up of my progress either later or tomorow so you can see what im up to

              Any more help or thoughts would be awesome, really want to get this sorted out!



                Here is the video of my wip progress project. Any ideas on how to improve it would be great.



                  Looking great Butchie!


                    nice looking level, and good destructable settings... looks great apart from the pesky hovering chunks.

                    yes, I do understand your situation... but apart from what I mentioned above, I don't have a solution to the hovering chunks, because you've already tried 'Create Extended Structure'. Obviously, you've already thought of merging the meshes in 3ds Max (or whatever), re-fracturing them in the Lab as one piece, and importing to UDK. I know this would be a hacky, unappealing solution. Sorry!

                    Again, please post up your solution though. You might consider sending a PM to other forum people who are also using Apex... DigitalDemolition may be able to help, he's invested a lot of effort into fracturables, and I haven't seen floating chunks on his videos (which are quite similar to yours). Also Wallomedia, who has done a couple of tutorials.