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Duplicating Kismet with Slight Changes

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    Duplicating Kismet with Slight Changes

    [Solved] - Solution at bottom for anyone who wants this kind of thing

    Hi all,

    I am making a Tower Defence-style level in UT3 using kismet (I know this is UDK forum, but the kismet is still very similar). The idea is that the player uses weapons to spawn the turrets (so Rocket Launcher spawns Rocket turret, Shock rifle spawns Shock turret etc). The only problem I have is duplicating all of the kismet actions to spawn the turrets. Here is what I have to spawn 1 turret:

    The values that change are the TriggerVolume number and both Path Nodes.
    Does anyone have any idea how to duplicate this sequence & actors for each area where I want a turret to be able to spawn?

    Thanks for your time,

    When making the kismet, create it as it's own Sequence (right Click -> New Sequence). Then, create a prefab of all the actors that you want repeated. When it asks to link it with the kismet, hit yes. Now, whenever you add the prefab, it will have the kismet included.