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SpeedTree Billboards Not Appearing?

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    SpeedTree Billboards Not Appearing?


    I followed this documentation on creating the LOD's for my SpeedTree collection:

    Everything has been working good and the Mesh LOD's appear with the Lod Level Override set to -1

    However when I zoom out far enough my tree disappears and no Billboard is showing. I have set up the Billboard material as directed and have the Dither Mip-Maps Alpha checked. The Billboard material is assigned to the Billboard material slot in the SpeedTree Actors viewer.

    My LOD properties are:

    Lod3DEnd: 3000
    Lod3DStart: 500
    LodBillboardEnd: 4000
    Lod BillboardStart: 3500
    LodLevelOverride: -1

    I am using the August build, but have also tried this in the new March 2011 build.

    Can anyone please help me or shed some light on this problem?