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End Countdown and end a game?

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    End Countdown and end a game?

    Hey guys

    My final project is due in Tomorrow at 4pm GMT for UDK. There are just a couple of questions i have regarding my game which are quite important so any help would be much appreciated.

    1) I have a countdown made in kismet (the same as the one from the 3Dbuzz tuts), and on link 11 of my switch i have it so the player teleports back to the start of the level. THE PROBLEM IS if the player completes the task, the countdown still counts down and the player gets teleported back to the start anyways, its like an infinite loop! so my first question is how to i stop the countdown?

    I would add an image of the loop but dont know how :/

    2)This might seem pretty noobish but how do i end the game so it goes back to the main menu after a mantinee sequence?

    3) At some point of my game i have the player fight some bots, the problem is if the bots kill the player all that happens is you see the player dead. My question is how do I make it possible for the user to restart the level, without having to close and reopen the whole game?

    Any bit of info will be soo appreciated thankyou in advance.


    Come on guys someone must know something?? please help