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    Export from UDK

    This is not a case of exporting from the content browser, something, I believe, will be a bit more complex.

    Here is my ship:

    The two highlighted meshes, are both seperate...

    For scripting reasons... I need them to be part of the same mesh....
    and in EXACTLY the same place
    Going back and forth between 3Ds Max, will be a nightmare of trial and error.


    Ideally, What I would like to do is:
    >> UDK
    Take my existing 3 meshes.
    Select them all.
    Export to .obj
    >> 3Ds Max
    Import the .obj
    Use that as a template, and line up my models.
    Export back into UDK

    Can this be done?
    Or are there any other work-arounds?

    I've managed to solve my problem, but it was quite a work around.

    If anyone knows how to do the above. Please let me know.