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    Cartoon shader


    I know it has been asked before but the reason i ask it again is because the answers before are not the ones that i am searching for.

    Im working on a school project and i want to make a cartoon shader. I used a tutorial from a topic posted some time ago about the same question.

    But im not satisfied by this shader because of the following problems, i tryed to fix it but i think it needs to be build up completely different to have the effect i want. I just do not know how.

    The lines are to thick or way to thin, that's not even the biggest problem, i kinda like the effect but i rather have it more average. The biggest problem is that the ground is becoming completely black too after a radius of lets say 4m if your coming close to it.

    Here are some screenshots and the way the part of the shader for the lines is set up. Don't bother the sand texture on rocks i was just testing it hehe.

    Any one who knows another way to set up this effect?

    that really only works with curved objects. anything flat will result in what you are experiencing. check this thread out over at eat3d.. its a shader i came up with after seeing the lighting and postprocessing dvd.


      Wow thanks alot that is exactly the kind of outline I was searching for
      Let's see if I can get it working hehe