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Camera->Play camera animation

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    Camera->Play camera animation

    I followed 4 tutorials, all saying the exact same thing.

    (Like this one)

    But I cant get it to work.

    I tried using the ones in UDK, and making my own, but there is no reaction whatsoever.
    It does run, I do get output obj comment to screen, but no animation.

    Any clues?

    It works. Did you keyframe out the shake animation? Can you PLAY the animation in matinee and see it? If not, you didn't animate the camera in the first place. Finally, it may be a case of the camera anim is playing too fast for you to see, can always adjust the play rate or make a longer camera anim.


      Thanks for your reply.

      By pure accident (i edited the delay without knowing) I played this while a matinee was going - And it worked.
      As soon as it was over, it stopped.

      In other words - It seems it only works here when a matinee is playing...

      I have scripted my camera so its a side scroller (unreal script), but I didn't think that would change anything - apparently it does.