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    Resizing brushes

    Hi all

    I'm trying to work out if I can speed up my brush work. After creating a box brush I want to resize it. I could use the scale tools but would prefer to drag each face separately. To do so to I go into geometry mode, select the face I want to extrude from the perspective viewport and use the move tool to drag it to where I want it. It works fine but selecting the correct face is a bit of a hassle. I have to navigate the perspective viewport to the correct side of the brush to click on it and if a face from another brush is in the same plane as the one I want to select I have to move one of them to select it. I would be great is if I could limit my selecting to the object in geo mode and also to be able to select brush faces from the orthogonal viewports (not just vertices).

    In hammer this task is an absolute breeze.

    I hope I've written that clearly enough. Any tips for resizing/extruding brushes would be greatly appreciated.



    Surely there's some way to resize a brush without flying around in perspective?