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Cascade - Yellow Dots?

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    Cascade - Yellow Dots?

    I have an emitter that has multiple separate emitters inside to make its full effect...
    4 of these, are just duplicates, with colour changes.

    One of the colour changes however, does not show the particle with the material, but just shows a "yellow dot".

    I've been up and down all the settings and as far as I can tell, they are all identical.

    Why would one of the emitters not show correctly, and the others do?

    Can you tell if you've hit any sort of particle limit? Did you change materials on this particular emitter? If so, make sure the material has the right usage flag, is unlit and uses the emmissive slot.


      Check the Emitter Render Mode of the emitter. It is set in the Particle Emitter properties or by using the button in the emitter:

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        Thanks for the replies, been away for a while.

        The flags were set correctly, I know what you mean, I've seen the yellow dots before but this just seemed to be stuck as such.

        To fix it I just duplicated one of the emitters and changed the colour property again. It would appear it just bugged for a while.