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Decals on Dynamic Actors

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    Decals on Dynamic Actors

    I can't get decals to show up on dynamic actors no matter what settings I change. I can get them to show up on statics, bsp and terrain but not on skeletal meshes, phat assets, interpactors or movers.

    The decal has the usage flags set
    eg., UseOnSkeletalMesh = true

    The skeletalmesh has the usage flags set
    eg., Accepts Dynamic/Static Decals = true

    The material has the right flags and channels being used as it shows up on statics fine.

    The docs tell me this:

    Not Rendering
    If a placed decal isn't showing up in the editor or in game, check the following:
    * The viewport is set to the 'Lit' viewmode (decals don't show up if there's no lighting).
    * The decal is in the same level as the receiver (or duplicated into each level in the case of having to project on receivers from multiple levels).
    * bAcceptsStaticDecals is TRUE on the receiving mesh components.
    * The decal has the appropriate bProjectsOnBSP/StaticMeshes/etc flags set.
    * The decal doesn't have anything in it's decal filter.

    What do I have to do?

    Do those meshes have collision? They have to at least have BlockWeapons set before they will receive decals.