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    I was wondering if someone could link me a screen shot or list me the actors I need in Kismet to set up spawning an AI that will follow the player when the player is in sight, then stop when its view on the player is obstructed.

    At the moment I've tried fiddling around with different actors in Kismet to no avail and scoured the internet for an answer and found an unreal script code for zombies which I am looking into learning now.

    Just hoped some one could save me some time and have the answer to my problem.


    David Grafton.

    look at 3d buzz tutorial


      Originally posted by sueds View Post
      look at 3d buzz tutorial
      yeap look at the top down game videos, they teach you how to do this exactly.


        Thats what I've looked at and followed but the tutorial makes the bots follow a path and when they see you they don't run after you. They just stand there and fire. Id like them to run towards the player and pursue them until they cant see the player any more(trying to attack them with a melee attack), then return to their default patrol once they have lost sight.

        Just re-read what I first posted and the way I wrote it was silly, as it does describe the tutorial perfectly. :/ sorry about that!

        I'd like the bot to chase the player and get up close and personal. At the moment I've got them following the player by looking at them but don't move from their spawn point. I've taken their inventory from them too. (there meant to be zombies)

        Thanks for the replies though!

        Going to attempt to attach an actor to the player that the bots will follow when they see them using a 'move to actor' node rather than start firing and stop firing actors.


          I searched for it too, but didnt find it :/ I would like to see it or the link to tutorial too.

          Yep my english sux, Im sorry about that.


            Originally posted by JantaCz View Post
            I searched for it too, but didnt find it :/ I would like to see it or the link to tutorial too.
            There you go Just scroll down and click the links under Buzz3D to download the one's that you want. Ive personally got them all and am working through them. Hope they help you as much as they have helped me! There awesome tutorials!



              So to recap, basically even though they are gun less they attempt to still shoot at the player instead of chase for melee attack.

              Wonder if they had a non-projectile weapon if the AI would work right.

              Oh and if you do use them with having them constantly move to actor and it be the player. Which should actually work I believe, you can pretend make a melee weapon. Basically you attack a dynamic trigger to the bot, and when it touches the player have it do damage. Only "side" effect is the death message says you have killed yourself.

              Here is a guide.

              Ill try and work out having the bots not shoot, and instead go into chase. But I think your idea will be the easiest, my only concern is their AI kill nature might constantly fire off the shoot animation.


                Thanks so much! Ill have a read through this document as soon as I can.
                At the moment I have tried spawning a single bot in with the 'move to actor' node attached to it with the destination as the 'Player 0' but the bot just stands there.

                Ill post up a pic of the node set up I have tomorrow. I reckon ive just missed a node out of it as I've just modified different parts of the Buzz3D Tutorial's bot system.

                I almost had some joy at one point the bot tried to jump at me in one test run but it was jumping on the spot. It did it when I turned its controller class from UT Bot to 'none'


                  Hey mtcoder, thanks a gain for the link to the tutorial. The damage volume trigger effect and how to attach it to a player was very useful! But I still cant get the bots to follow the player and get upclose! I have one bot separate to the others that I am spawning in and ive managed to get it to follow the player. Although the bot only follows the player when im a certain distance away from it, so its not moving all the way to the player.

                  This is the kismet setup I have and the properties are of the 'UTActorFactoryAI'


                  If any one could shed some light on this problem id be greatful, otherwise its off to learn how to apply unreal script!


                    ok ive stopped with unreal script already, all ive done is made an error appear when i load UDK