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Kizmet Respawn Light

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    Kizmet Respawn Light

    I am having a problem figuring out a sequence in kizmet and would appreciate assistance.

    This is the script I'm using to attatch a light to the player that illuminates shadowed areas around them. It works fine theres no issue here.

    The issue lies in what happens when you die, I cannot figure out how to move the light back to the player spawn before attatching again. Here are my attempts.

    In this attempt from my understanding mind you this is what should happen, when the player spawns from Player start 1, the light moves to preset coordinates I manually input for the second spawn point then attatches.

    This however dousnt work, I assume it moves the light to that location from the beginning of level not when the player spawns at Spawn Point 1.

    Here is my second attempt.

    Again from my understanding what should happen is, when player spawns the coordinates of the player are saved in the variables and applied to the point light before it attaches, however this also dousnt work.

    Please assist me in creating this sequence, so that I can attatch a light to the player and when he dies its position moves to the players new coordinates.

    This does what you described


      Thank you very much, this was most helpful and has solved my problem.