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Adding a weapon pickup to an interp actor.

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    Adding a weapon pickup to an interp actor.

    Good morning.
    I'm using UDK February Version.

    I'm trying to attach a rocket launcher pickup to my mover "elevator". The error I receive leads me to believe that it isn't possible... I just hope it's only not possible due to the way I am trying to get it to work.

    What I'm doing:
    When I click on the button to "use selected actor in content browser" under Attachment in the pickup's properties, I get the following error for why it wont allow me to attach them.
    PostEditChange 'Base' failed! Cannot base static actor UTWeaponPickupFactory_1 on moveable actor InterpActor_0 - restoring previous base NULL
    Does anyone have a way around this?

    You could try to alter it's position via Kismet (Actor->Set Position), but I don't think that'll work either. As far as I know, the PickupFactories are a Static feature and cannot change their position during runtime. You might have to inherit it's class to create what you're looking for or there might be another way around it, but that's beyong my knowledge of pickups.
    Hope this helped a little bit...


      Good evening Dr.,

      Even with your advice and other attempts at creative meddling, I'm unable to produce the desired result at this time.

      What I ended up doing was adding the elevator anyway and just placing the pickup in the desired location. When the elevator is not there, the player would be foolish to try and acquire it. Not the intended result but it works... it just doesn't look right floating in space when running in game.

      Thank you regardless.