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Help please: Falling Elevator & Player pos.

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    Help please: Falling Elevator & Player pos.

    Hey folks,

    Looking for some help with this issue.

    I have a falling / collapsing elevator that the player is on. Only problem is, when the shaft starts falling over too fast, the player pops right out of it.

    I've tried dynamic blocking volumes but that didn't help. Any ideas on keeping a player attached to a fast moving object?



    Looks like having the elevator fall in the same matinee as the shaft falling was my problem.

    Scratch that. Worked once but still broke.
    Basically the player is in an elevator that is falling 90 degrees at the rate of gravity and the player keeps popping out.

    You could hard attach the playerstart to the base of the elevator, maybe that'd work?


      That would have no effect whatsoever on a player that has already spawned...


        I remember I once did a minecart and I think that was the solution I came up with. I might also have done the attachment via kismet (Actor->Attach Actor) and select the player as target. Can the player look outside the elevator while its moving? If not, you could build some huge static meshes around the bottom and top of your elevator and make them move simultanously with it. Your problem sounds like the elevator is moving too fast for the player to keep up, and once the engine comes to computing the players current position according to it's surrounding collision, the elevator is too far down. Adding more "mass" around the elevator could solve this problem aswell. Only a theory though, try Actor-Attach Actor and bHardAttach your player to the elevator ground.


          Thanks for the help drmccoy.

          I ended up turning off collision on the meshes that made up my elevator and surrounding it with dynamic blocking volumes. They do a much better job of blocking the player