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Switching Meshes?

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    Switching Meshes?

    Hi, I'm still learning UDK so I'm sure there is an overly simple solution to this problem but here goes.

    I have a Zelda-esque switch that stick up from the ground and I want it so that when you trigger it it flattens down to the ground and activates whatever event I need it to.

    I have two meshes, the Switch before activation and the Switch after activation but how would I go about making one turn into the other?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Why not just use matinee and a movement track to move the block down into the ground, when triggered?

    Would probably look much cleaner than getting the game engine to morph the changing of static meshes.

    If you want to have it go poof though with no "animiation" of going into the ground, you can add both meshes into the game, and use the toggle hidden property / matinee track to hide one and display the other, you won't get movement, but it will swap the two out. The other option is to destory one mesh and add the other, but I find it really over kill.

    I suggest just making the block move with a movement track in matinee. This gives you other options like easily resetting the switch, and will give you a nice clean animation. Also means only 1 static mesh, instead of swapping them out.