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matinee? crowd actors?

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    matinee? crowd actors?

    I'm thinking about adding something in the background for my level where a blimp will be flying around in the background.

    Should i use an animation that will just make it look like this object is flying around and randomally spawn, time after time?


    Should i make a crowd actor that will spawn only one blimp at a time and do a similar animation?

    Whats the best way to approach this? thanks guys.

    If you use a crowd actor you will probably have to custom build the nav mesh, and it's not going to be overly randomly, as it's always going to try and go to the same area to finish its path.

    I think a matinee that moves a static mesh around a set of world cordinates, and have the starting location of the blimp change randomly would work better.

    A friend of mine worked out a blimp that way and he during animation randomly changed the x,y cordinates within a range and made a really random flying blimp, key was to always have the blimp either disappear or be back at same location before it replayed the loop. He also wanted the blimp to be "killable" so that played into his setup a bit, as he had an explosion effect if you shot it down.