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    Help with creating material

    I hope I am posting in the right area.

    I need to make a parking lot material to paint on a BSP, mesh, or directly to my terrain.

    I would like to add yellow (or white) paking space lines to my asphault material I alredy made.

    Is this done by adding a texture reference node or am I way off?

    It is not that simple, but also not that hard:



    RGBA (with GREEN, BLUE and red stripes) texture is mask, you paint your stripes etc there. Just repeat that mixing LERP network for other colors (masks)

    Param stripe color (4 vector parameter) lets you tune color of stripes.

    That power and multiply mast with normal map, is to nicely mix paint and fake some cracks in it. You need to find better method than deriving it from normal map, maybe bump map, or just smarter mixing here.

    Edit: you can use world position for applying UVS to this material, this way it will have seamless uvs, over mixed surface (ie. will carry without seams from BSP to terrain and meshes)


      Thank you. That example is perfect.

      I'l have to draw my own stripes and import them. Theres a lot of tutorials for that. Is it different if I want to diagnal them? I have several parking lots to do and I don't want them to look "cookie cutter" So I have to mix it up some. Fun, who knew parking lots were this time consuming.

      Thank you again