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Problem with SpeedTree / DominantDirectional Light

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    Problem with SpeedTree / DominantDirectional Light

    Hello everyone!

    I am been working on Speed Tree and Directional Light properties, though I got a problem with the shadow, let me explain it with pictures.

    Here, you see the Dominant Directional Light is coming from the moon, to the tree. I just increased the brightness of the Light to show it better. You see, Directional Light is very far away, though I tested when it was way closer to tree, the problem still occured.

    Here you see, I took the screenshot from the place where camera of the viewport has the light at it's back, you see, the shadow seems perfect (well, good I guess!). But let me show the problem now;

    As I move to other side, the leaf shadows decrease, depending on how far I am to the shadow and the direction I stare at the tree. If this happened when the camera/player was far away, I could understand it, but there must be something I am missing here on leaf parts as even on game playing mode they decrease/increase randomly shadow-wise.

    On a side node, tree is over a Terrain at the moment and I got Use Precomputed Shadows off.

    Hope someone can help me about this "Leaf Shadow Fading at Different Angles problem"! Thanks in advance!

    Don't use leaf cards in Speedtree modeler, use 3d meshes. The 2d cards will always rotate so that they face the player resulting in that bug you have when the tree is viewed from a right angle compared to the light vector.

    PS. The position of directional lights is irrelevant, only the direction is important. It acts as a light source that is infinitely far away.


      Thank you for your answer mate, just a few minutes ago I realised those 2d cards were turning, thus breaking the shadow visuality, and thanks for the light info, didn't know that one. ^^

      Just found out the fond stuff and how to make it work, thanks for the answers