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    Software selection...

    Hi guys!

    I just get Autodesk Education Bundle 2011 (Maya, Max, Motionbuilder, Mudbox, Softimage, Sketchbook)

    I wanna ask before i start...

    I decided i will learn first 3Ds Max, but i must ask if i will need to learn Maya, because Max and Maya are very similiar... Then i wanna ask which program from the others i should learn first...

    And last thing.. If i wanna make whole environments in Max/Maya.. For this i think is better Maya, right?

    EDIT: What are exact differents between Maya and Max? Thanks

    Thank you All

    Here's what you must do:
    - Learn Maya .
    - After that,learn Motionbuilder and Mudbox at the same time.



      There's not a great deal of difference between Max and Maya. Try both and pick the one that you prefer working with. Animators tend to prefer Maya, however.


        Thank guys... I think i more like Max than Maya, but i wanna be animator too a little... Is it hard to animate things?..

        Anyway Thanks


          Don't forget XSI, blender, modo, and zbrush.

          I like this combo: 3D Studio Max (sometimes modo) + Mudbox + Photoshop (sometimes bodypaint 3d), best you can do is try all you can and select what you like. I hate zbrush and love mudbox, this doesn't mean mudbox is better than zbrush, is just me, there is a lot of people who loves zbrush and hates mudbox.


            Once you get started working in both you will decide on your own which you like best.

            I went to college for computer animation and we started begginers classes using max then in the later years used maya.

            I did not like maya for modeling so I would model in max and then import the model into maya to animate it. There is always that option to switch between the two as well


              Thanks for help, I decided i will learn 3Ds Max + Mudbox first... Unfortunaly i don't have license for Photoshop :/.... Then i'll try learn some MotionBuilder and Softimage basics... But another problem are texture maps... When i don't have Crazy Bump (i'll try buy soon), how can i make for example occlusion or displacement maps?... Or even normals/speculars etc... Is that possible with some plugins to Gimp?..
              Anyway thanks


                Originally posted by Warpdie|Cz View Post
                Is that possible with some plugins to Gimp?..
                Anyway thanks
                I found this, but I did not try it: