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    Lighting Issue

    In UDK Editor I have a dominant directional light casting down on my level.

    In my level I have a tunnel going down into a catacomb like area but the DominantDirectional light is casting light into the tunnel through my BSP brushes. As shown in these images the light is casting shadows into the tunnel and also lighting the interior instead of casting the BSP brushes shadows to a near pitch black like i want it to. (No the Torch isn't the light source, it casts an orange light and was added post the issue not prior)

    Any Idea what maybe wrong?

    For Now I've found a way around the issue, basically I've disabled BSP lighting on my Dominant Directional Light, and All assets inside the tunnel I've changed their lighting channels from static to BSP so it dousnt effect them either. Though doing this for every individual asset is a 'little' bothersome.

    Though I could have used another channel couldn't I? I'm guessing this is their function. Yay I learned something.