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UDK Lights and Beauty Renders

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    UDK Lights and Beauty Renders

    I have more than a few props I want to show off in my scene.

    I am struggling to find any settings that really look great for my lights and my props.

    I had tried doing a 3 point lighting setup (Fill and a couple of rim light with the rims not affecting the BSP ground).

    I've used point lights, and omni lights... I've used them all.

    What setups do YOU all use? What do you recommend?

    The idea here is, when I do my much LARGER, emotional, set pieces, then I will do fog, and colored directional lights, but for now, I need something quick that will look good even when I swap models out.

    Here is kind the direction I am going.

    So, I have begun to do some layouts of a few assets. Your thoughts are appreciated.

    I just think the lighting/shadows on the UDK renders could be better. Somehow.

    I don't really get all the settings as far as dynamic and shadows and whatnot. :| There are so many little things. Turn THIS on in the model, Turn THAT off in the light...


      Usually for dynamic lights all I do is add a point light movable and change the filter to Normal instead of modulated and thats it.


        It's a bit of a headache setting up 3 point lighting with all the workarounds.
        But unless you can simulate an HDR lighting like in marmoset, that's the best alternative.

        Your renders are too flat, you want your key light to be warmer (yellow hue) and cast some shadows.
        then the dark areas on the side you lit with your 2nd fill light, usually blue or so.
        and for backlight I like putting a very bright light that just lights the corners.

        It seems this lighting setup is nice for presentations, but I'm still curious how useful it is as a setup for texturing - not very comfortable to rotate the whole lighting system as you orbit around your mesh, though you can always just rotate your object instead.


          You guys are all incredibly talented and informed, NICE!


            Your diffuse textures are very dark and noisy, also they have lots of lighting detail baked into them. This means that the lighting can never look very good. See: