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    Level Transition

    Hey guys!

    Let me first tell you how my game works.

    So the game name is Color Stepper. So there is land colored red and land colored blue in two different maps, and when you press E, it changes what blocks are showing.

    (ex. Red blocks showing, you jump on them, jump off, press E and red blocks dissapear and blue blocks appear and you land on those.)

    Problem is, I cant get the level streaming to work, I have my persistant level, my blue level, and my red level. But in my kismet sequences I have a [Set Gfx Captured Keys] (Set to E) action for the input. That is connected to a level streaming load (Map2) and unload (Map1).

    Now when I test it and press e, nothing happens.

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks in advance!