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Destructible Static Mesh?

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    Destructible Static Mesh?


    Is there an easy way to make damaged static meshes? E.g, if I have a static mesh of a crate, then another static mesh of a damaged crate, is there a good way to switch between them when the crate takes a certain amount of damage?


    There's a few ways to handle this depending on the final result you want.

    Something I like to do is have a standard and damaged version of a mesh (you'll have to convert these to inerpt actors once placed). Place both at the same location, select the damaged version, goto properties and set it to HIDDEN in the display tab. Then, use the TOGGLE (hidden) command in Kismet to hide the undamaged version and unhide the damaged one at the same time. The reason I like this method is if the player dies, I can simply reset the area by toggling them back.

    As far as the switching between them at a specified damage. In Kismet use an Attach Event and attach a Take Damage trigger. It all works pretty easy, but will probably take some getting used to and tweaking the first time.


      Thanks man, that really helps.


        OR you could use the fractured mesh option, that takes a static mesh breaks it into various chunks, and allows you to map out how much hit points each chunk takes to destroy.

        If you want to have a set part of the crate non-destructible you can set the chunks to not disappear.

        Can also set if you want pieces of the mesh blown off to stay or go away.

        It's a super easy process to do as well. Mainly you right click say new fractured mesh, and tell it the base mesh to use. From there its really simple to figure out. It is also much easier to use then all the hidden unhidden stuff, and it easily resets when the level is reloaded. And the best part is if you shoot the right corner of the box that is the part that goes away, which makes it much more realistic looking then, having a player shoot at the base of the box and poof the top just appears gone.

        There is a video tutorial for it here as well.