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Build porblems in UDK

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    Build porblems in UDK

    Hi, I am currently creating a level in UDK which consists meshes created in 3ds max being imported to the UDK editor.
    Everything is going fine however, as I draw nearer the end of importing all the assets into UDK I frequently build the level to preview it to make sure everything acts as should be. Now when I import assets into the editor they are visible in all viewports in the editor e.g perspective, front, top etc. however, when I go to build and play the level they do not show up.
    My only reasoning for this is that there is a limit at the number of assets allowed to be imported and used? So far I have imported around 200 assets anything more will not show up when I build and play the level even though they appear in the viewports as normal.

    Shedding any light on this issue would be much appreciated.

    Thanks for your time in reading this.