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Module Lighting Issues

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    Module Lighting Issues

    It's been a few days that i'm working on that problem and it feels like i'm going nowhere.

    I created 3 tileable modules that's render pretty clean in Max and when it comes to UDK, I get this weird shader on one of my mesh (corner).

    I tried everything I know so far with no result.
    - Set LOD Bias to -1 or -2
    - Set lightmaps to 256 or higher
    - Created I new set of UVS

    I thought it was a normal problem so I checked my smoothing group in max and it looks all ok.

    The only thing that works, it's when I unlink my specular map from the material, or when I'm in Unlit mode. I also noticed that in LightMap density mode only my corner mesh looks weird compared to the other two meshes that fits pretty well together.