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My import objects have no collision

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    My import objects have no collision

    I dragged and dropped a item from the content browser to the map and pressed F4 and selected COLLISION_Blockall and when I try to run into it, it go right through it? Anyone know why this is. Also it's stopping the gun from shooting past it... Does any one know?

    Thanks for people who help

    ...and your 'Item' in browser has collision?


      What you have to do is double click your mesh in the content browser, this will bring up the static mesh editor. Then one of the menu tabs should be called "Collision" click on that and select your preferred collision. Then itll generate the collsion.

      Hope this helps
      Don't forget to tick off simple box and simple line collision to get an accurate collision.


        Alternatively you could model a simple mesh over the top of your asset in your 3d program and rename the newly created collision mesh (just the mesh, not the file name) "UCX_whateveryourassetiscalled". When you export it UDK will recognise this as the collision model for the asset. This is probably cleaner than some of the collision models created in-engine depending on model complexity.

        Also, if you want to be able to fire through the object, I believe it's in the object properites (hit F4)...